The Dazzle & Fizz Club

Title Sequence

The Dazzle & Fizz Club

The Dazzle & Fizz Club is a brand new digital edu-tainment platform by Dazzle & Fizz Ltd, with episode content written and directed by Emily Dunn (writer and presenter of our own series, Emily Time!).


We were hired to produce the theme song and accompanying music video, which would act as the main title sequence for all Dazzle & Fizz Club episodes. In the series, seven distinct presenters with their own individual topics present standalone episodes (Maths, Science, Reading, Fitness, Travel, Art and Emotions). Our concept was to create a full-length song and video which would introduce each topic in the presenter’s own style, and which could then be edited down to form seven short independent intro sequences.


After signing off on the music we moved to storyboarding the video, making extensive use of green screen scenes to boost the spectacle and magic of the sequences. These allowed traveling presenter Shakira to skydive over Africa, and mathematical duo Dan & Damo to rock out at a huge concert. With all principal photography filmed in a single day at the Dazzle & Fizz Club studios, we were able to keep costs low and deliver a slick and colourful final product.

Theme Song

Jack Blume & Emily Dunn

Director, Editor, After Effects & Audio Post

Jack Blume

Producer & Creative Lead

Emily Dunn

Director of Photography

Matt Parsons

Studio Floor Manager

Maddie McQuoid

Sets & Costumes

Christie Molgaard, Dazzle & Fizz Ltd

Logo Design

Jonathan Chambers